My smartphone addiction is ruining my life. Here’s how.

There are two fundamental truths that I have learned as a parent to three kids. The first is that no matter how you choose to raise your child — co-sleeping or separate rooms, breastfed or bottle, organic food or floor snacks — the moment that you claim something you’re doing works, it is guaranteed to stop.

And the second is that everything you do, and I mean literally everything, will now take ten times as much time. Getting dressed to leave the house used to take three minutes. Now it’s 30. Doing the week’s laundry used to take a couple of hours max, most of which could be spent multi-tasking in between loads. Now, the laundry never, ever ends.

Sometimes my husband and I look at each other and ask, “What did we do with our time before we had kids?” We say this, not because we can’t remember, but because it’s incredible that we have managed to cram so much more into the same amount of hours. It’s exhausting.

Which is why I’ve never felt guilty about stealing a few minutes here and there to tune out, to relax, to scroll through mindless junk on my phone. Because we all deserve a break. Except now, I realize that my kids are no longer the biggest demands on my time. My phone is. It’s a massive time-suck that continually draws me in, like a black hole from which I cannot escape.

It’s an addiction.

And it’s ruining my life.
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